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Ms. Cass Hector

I wish to endorse Dawn Smith Walsh NP, who is a friend and a colleague for the past 11 years. Due to our relationship, I have had the opportunity to engage Dawn’s professional services as both a client and professional colleague. Dawn’s multifaceted approach to caring for her clients is second to none. Her creative, witty, and intuitive acumen guides her to deliver the best approaches for her patients. Dawn’s efforts to service the whole person are truly a gift. Her excellent leadership qualities are also extremely popular amongst her clinical peers. It is also known that she solves conflicts with ease and handles situations tactfully without any problem. Dawn is diligent and possesses an innate ability to encourage those around her. This is the reason why I would strongly recommend Dawn Smith Walsh NP as a provider.
Yours sincerely,

-Cass Hector, BSc, PHN, LDN

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Dr. Debbie Hutchinson

There are not many times in my life that I’ve connected right away to someone like I did with Dawn when I first met her. I knew right away we could be soul sisters. The more we talked the more I admired her and who she is as a person, a sister in Christ, and a savvy businesswoman. Even more so, how she cares for her patients is remarkable. Mental health is a very important part of what I do as a Functional Medicine trained Doctor of Clinical Nutrition. I find it difficult to find a clinician/counselor to come alongside me and my clients who is willing to approach things more naturally. In addition, I have seen Dawn utilize medications in a very minimal way, but her medication choice is conducive to the needs of the individual patient. She is always very professional but incredibly personable too. Both are critical pieces to building strong and trustworthy relationships. I have no doubt that every single thing the good Lord has blessed Dawn with - in talents, gifts, and ambitions she is worthy of her value in the weight of gold. I highly recommend her services, valuable expertise, and knowledge to anyone in need of consultation or psychiatric mental health care.

-Debbie Renee Hutchinson, DCN, MS, CNS, LDN, CHHC

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Dr. George Jacinto

Dawn Smith Walsh has outstanding nursing and mental health expertise. She is one of the most compassionate, empathetic, engaging, and collaborating health professionals with whom I have had the honor to work with. Her genuine warmth and positive regard for all who she encounters is the foundation of her great success as an adult-geriatric primary care and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. Her superior clinical skills assist her clients to mindfully hear her healing words. Dawn is a deeply insightful and selfless healer who is always able to adjust to the patients’ needs and concerns. She can work with any patients who are referred to her for physical and mental health care.

-George A. Jacinto, PhD, LCSW, PLLC