Anxiety! "I need help in chilling out…”

Last week’s video sparked much conversation about how one can deal with anxiety, whether formally diagnosed, or not. A certain level of anxiety can be healthy – even life-preserving. Take for example the road-raging truck driver who swerves in-and-out of traffic lanes: this behavior could certainly be anxiety-provoking. In seeing this, you decide to turn off and take an alternate route: smart! So, mild anxiety may sharpen focus and strengthen your perceptual field, thus allowing you to work toward a goal.

There are four levels of anxiety: mild, moderate, severe, and panic. Moderate and severe anxiety can cause somatic complaints like headache, upset stomach, or shakiness. You may be unable to focus or have a feeling of dread or doom. Panic level anxiety…well, this is where you cannot even think! Your speech is unintelligible, nothing registers, your heart is racing, your throat feels like it is closing, you are sweating through your clothes...and you believe you are having a heart attack or stroke. Ironically, those who are actually having a heart attack often do not present to the Emergency Department…and those who are experiencing a panic attack (not a heart attack) do present to the E.D.

Yep…so what can I do?

• Conduct a self-audit – try to identify what provokes your anxiety

• Take time out to de-stress

• Develop a self-love ritual

• Engage in biofeedback

• Talk with your healthcare professionals about dietary, herbal, or medicinal remedies

• Find a therapist, mental health counselor, or psychiatric provider to assist you in exploring these feelings further

Uh huh…so what do you do, Dawn?

• I like to de-stress by reading or going to the theatre (Hamilton was truly spectacular!)

• My self-love ritual is getting a massage or facial

• A good bio-feedback technique I utilize is HeartMath®

• My herbal go-to is an aromatic tea (but on a hectic day, I admit – it’s an oat milk latte😊)

Alright, do this right now…

Take ten S-L-O-W deep breaths, really fill your lungs to capacity, and exhale slowly. If it is safe to do so – close your eyes. Continue taking SLOW and DEEP breaths. Say to yourself, "I AM” three times – then end with "LOVED.”


Are you experiencing some form of Anxiety and in need of help? Feel free to book an appointment. I would love to speak with you.



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