Def: high opinion of oneself; worthy self-esteem; feeling of elation or great satisfaction

(Source: Harper Collins Webster’s Dictionary)

There are a number of reasons to feel proud this month…

• Father’s Day

• Finishing the school year strong

• Graduations

• Juneteenth


• National Caribbean American Month

• National DJ Month (for real)

• Weddings

• …and many more causes

What are YOU proud of? Are you living happily? Do you embrace your truth? What’s YOUR joy?

Whose opinion resounds loudest in your life...a parent, spouse, boss, offspring, sibling, colleague, lover, friend, or foe? But what do YOU want?

Would you rather be doing something totally different from what you are currently doing, but won’t, because of fear, ridicule, rejection, or failure? I challenge you to not delay your own happiness.

Find the courage to do what brings you joy!

Find the courage to make yourself proud!

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