When Storms Arise

Seems like many countries are talking about Hurricane Ian, and whether you are in its direct or indirect path – ANXIOUS is a fine descriptor of emotion. By this time, in my home state of Florida, people have either evacuated to a safe place or have decided to “batten down the hatches” and plan to stay home.

Batteries: ✓

Candles: ✓

Flashlight: ✓

Sundries: ✓

Cash: ✓

Gas up vehicle: ✓

Propane tank: ✓

Water: ✓✓

Toilet tissue: ✓✓✓✓✓ (LOL)

There is the calm before the storm…when you tell yourself, “It isn’t THAT bad…”

Then there is the eye of the storm…when you remind yourself, “See, I knew it wasn’t going to be that bad…”

Alas, then…the eyewall – the bands of thunderstorms, objects roaring, trees hurling through the air like torpedoes, gale force winds, power outages, storm surges, flooding…NOW you realize just how devastating the storm truly is!

Sometimes life itself brings storms – whether in the form of abuse, bankruptcy, concerning medical diagnosis, death of a loved one, divorce, homelessness, infidelity, job loss, miscarriage…whatever the challenge is that shakes your core, this is your storm. So, how do you weather it? During this current hurricane, I have been looking at the trees in the conservation behind my home and throughout my neighborhood.

Some trees are broken, contorted, or withered

Some trees are defeated, laying lifeless on the ground

Some trees are hollow inside – thereby easily snapping

Some trees stand alone, while others gather together

Some trees are infested and weakened – simply hosts to another lifeform

Some trees are stoic and erect, refusing to bend – some therefore break

Some trees stand tall and gracious, flaunting their flexibility in the wind. They weather the storm. Despite losing a few leaves, or maybe even a branch or two – they are still standing…possibly looking a little brighter and healthier due to all that rain.

Reflecting back, I can identify which tree I have been during a particular time in my life. Which tree are you?

Storms can be scary – absolutely! But a storm can offer great insight. Let’s use a practical homeowner, for instance. A storm may help the homeowner realize that some work needs to be done on the house. A storm can highlight all the challenges of the neighborhood and vicinity, prompting one to consider relocating. A storm can display the sturdiness of a house. Consider embracing a storm as an opportunity to learn, grow, build resiliency, or increase thankfulness.

Even though the Practice is closed during the immediate threat of Hurricane Ian, should there be an urgent need for medication refills, Clients can reach their clinician by text. Another resource for emotional support is the National Crisis Hotline. Professionals are available 24-hours-a-day, every day of the year. The phone number is 2-1-1. We understand that some people may be without power for extended periods of time and will not be able to meet via telehealth. Don’t panic – just give us a call and we will work things out together. Stay safe!

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